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Men4SexNow Review | Review


naked male torso striking a suggestive pose while simultaneously fiddling with his underpants. What lies beneath? Let’s find out.

You probably don’t want to come here if you’re looking for a committed relationship, friendship, or something similar to those. It also might be wise to avoid this site if you’re prudish, as it’s something of a meat market. The site has a simple set-up and even simpler application process. If you want to sign up you’ll need a valid email address and you’ll get an instant, free 3-day trial for completing the registration form. Although before you can use the site properly you have to fill out an additional form to authenticate your age. Without this step, you won’t be able to access any of the features on the site after registering.

While it isn’t made clear how many actual members there are on the site, just from browsing you’ll notice that there are thousands of profiles. You can check whether a profile is online or not by looking at the last login date on a member’s profile page, which is usually a good indication of how often they visit the website. It’s possible to search for members using an advanced search with a bigger variety of filters to choose from. The advanced search option allows you to search by zipcode, so you can find guys near you, or in a specific area. You can also filter profiles by last login date to screen out abandoned profiles as stated before. However, searches only return the first 500 profile results so keep that in mind when you’re looking through them. Furthermore, if you use the name search, be prepared to enter the exact name of a member in order to find their profile. Finally, you’ll also find several preconfigured searches, including cruise ads (guys advertising for hook-ups), guys online, fresh meat (new members), and sex now (guys willing to meet other guys in the neighborhood today). You can connect to these guys mainly by email (up to 4000 characters per email), or request real-time IM by clicking on a profile. Other options allow you to connect with the other members by creating a ‘hottie list’ of profiles you like or browsing advertised events that you may consider attending.

Member’s profiles themselves are reasonably detailed, with some fairly intimate information about what they’re like and what they’re looking for. You can upload up to 2 public and 2 private photos. Photos frequently feature nudity and sexual content, so be aware of this before you start searching. It is recommended to post at least 1 picture of yourself to vastly increase your chances of finding a match.

The free trial gives you access to several member features including unlimited profile viewing, full-size member photos, unlimited receipt of emails, and you can send up to 10 emails per day. Although with the free trial you aren’t allowed to access IM, and you only get to use the preconfigured search settings. Basic members get 45 days worth of mailbox storage for emails, 15 days of tracklists (e.g. who’s viewed you) and unlimited access to 3 gay adult movie sites (350 full-length movies with new content each month). On the other hand, premium members get their ads listed ahead of basic members, have 90 days worth of mailbox storage, 45 days of tracklists, can browse profiles whilst keeping their profile status hidden and gain unlimited access to 22 gay adult movie sites.

In reality, there’s a fairly good chance that you’ll hook up online or meet somebody for no-strings-attached fun. is a gold mine for guys who are after sexual encounters with other guys. If this is you, you’ll certainly get what you’re looking for. However, it’s not for all, so think carefully about what you want before registering.



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Are you in your late 50s? Are you divorced? Or did your love leave you alone in this world? Or has the Cupid’s arrow missed you while the clock kept ticking? Is your life tasteless or do you miss being loved?

Well, a study says that the life expectancy falls drastically when one of the ‘love-birds’ leave the nest behind. To be left alone with just memories of love is complete agony. When due to any possible reason, one of the ‘birds’ leaves the nest, the other one is drowned in misery.

But, fear the pain no more because have brought to you a second chance! We present to you the!! We are here to help you make the most of your life with a chance to relive the lovely days in the arms of the love of your life.

Match Maker is a website designed to bring together senior singles for over 50 dating. You can find yourself a friend, a net-buddy or even the love your heart missed. The senior dating site is for older men and women to help them find a suitable partner for themselves. At this stage of their life, through this magical senior dating site, they can choose a partner with whom they can spend the rest of their lives happily and forever. We feature only real people, real seniors who are looking for partners on our senior dating site. We have put in extra effort to discard any fraudulent profiles. We assure you a smooth and of course a lovely experience here. There are no fake profiles, no spammers but only real life people like you and me who are looking for senior singles online.


In a pool of thousand senior dating sites, we will tell you why we have the best service for you. Here at you provide you thousands of real life people with whom you can share your thoughts, hobbies and make these senior singles your partner for friendship or love. We list down the best features that will convince to give your life another chance!


  • Love for all: There is no age limits here. We have thousands of people participating in senior dating and they cover a very large range of senior singles. You can find senior singles from the age of as less as 40-45 years to as astonishing as 75 years old. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to think why you should not do it.
  • Sexuality not at all a problem: We are aware about the tastes in a person’s sexuality. We have kept a note and welcome people who are sexually differently oriented. We have hundreds of gays and lesbians waiting for love, apart from the usual crowd. So if you were thinking that your orientation could create some problem; don’t worry we have taken care of it too.
  • Variety: We have senior women, senior girls, senior chicks, senior babes, senior moms and senior cuties for the men. For people looking for their prince we have categories of senior men, senior guys, senior males, senior dudes, senior studs, senior hunks and senior gay to choose from. If you are looking for senior chubby or senior BBW, you are looking at the right place. We have such a variety of senior dating people looking for senior singles that you would never need to look in any other senior dating sites. We have an option to select a range of age: this would be the age of people you would like to see.
  • In your area: So you were thinking if you would need to travel a lot when you decide to meet yoursenior single in person? Well, that has also been taken care of. We provide you profiles from all corners of the country. There are thousands from all cities and maybe there are a few senior singles in your street! So stop thinking and look for love near your area. Go meet them and fill your life with love, again. We have a search by area option where you can directly look at people from your own city and choose a mate for yourself.
  • Amazing features: We have included several exotic features that will satisfy all that your heart desires. Each of the profile has at least one picture and a brief description of the person’s likes and dislikes. You can send them a message approaching for friendship or directly send them a flirt if you want to go straight to the business and not waste any time. You can look at the person’s appearance & situation, status, taste, personality, views and what they are actually looking for. This lot of information gives you enough clues if the person is the ‘one’ for you.
  • Privacy: We respect your privacy and assure that no information of yours, without your own permission, shall be accessible to an outsider. We have special senior chat rooms; senior message board and senior chat facilities that will help you break the ice. Hence, we ensure that the stars are aligned in your favor and all you need to do is give your best shot.
  • Support: We have very active forums and a detailed Help/FAQ to help you in case you need any. You can switch the website to the mobile version if you are on your mobile phone. You can even ‘Report’ a member if think something is wrong with the profile. We will be more than happy to help you. Our senior dating site will give you just what your heart desires. There are senior singles men and women who are looking to dating for seniors or over 50 dating.

Summing it up, this is a very unique service that we provide to you and help you find the solace of your heart and peace of your mind. We are sure that you would find what you are looking for be it friendship, chat-friend or the ‘love’ you need to spend your life with.

All the Best!