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Best Dating Sites For Over 50

Reviews of The Top Ten Swinger Dating Websites

We are excited to share our reviews of the best swinger websites of 2016. Take a close look at our top 10 swinger sites listed below, and follow our links to check out our thorough review of each swinger dating website. You will also see the costs and features lists, genuine user reviews, and videos to help you choose the best swinger website.


Editor’s Top 10 Buying Guide


#1 Adult Friend Finder 



“Real People Real Sex” is the slogan for Adult Friend Finder. Adult Friend Finder is considered to be the world’s largest adult social network where you can find other adults that are looking for sex without any attachment. It’s not difficult to see why thousands of people signed-up at Adult Friend Finder. It is a huge social networking machine that is ideal for people who want to have fun with other like-minded people. After browsing this site for at least five minutes, you will be…


#2 Passion.com 


Are you searching for a steamy encounter without any strings? Interested in hooking up with hot singles, couples, or even groups? It is time for you to get ready for some exciting times! If you have never visited Passion.com of Adult XXX Date, you are missing out on a great opportunity to meet some of the most attractive people around today. Don’t sweat it! We are here to give you all the details on this incredible site. Sit back and get ready to enjoy a premium swinger dating site that is designed to deliver a load of excitement. With over 40….



#3 Swap Finder 


BeNaughty.com is the ideal virtual stop for people who do not like swinger websites with complicated interfaces. Be Naughty is easy to navigate, and it offers all the features that you could every dream of. Two toolbars makes BeNaughty.com a leader in the swinger dating website industry. The special toolbar at the top of the page will take you to one of the seven key areas of the site which will allow you to contact other members with ease. You will see things such as “mail”, “community”, and “search”. This is one…


#4 Book of Sex 


Without a doubt, BookOfSex.com is one of the best swinger websites in existence today. With over 40 million members, it would be a miracle if you did not find anyone who doesn’t catch your eye. Many members on Book of Sex have taken out the time to create intriguing profiles that contain erotic details. Each profile has multiple photos and clear details on what they are looking for. This is a great place for you to find someone who can fulfill your deepest fantasies. It is imperative to point out that…


#5 Sex Finder 


Come in, shut your door, and sit back! You are now entering the world of pure seduction and sex. SDC (Swingers Dating Club) allows you to see interesting profiles created by people who are searching for others that are interested in getting a taste of the wild life! Swingers Dating Club may not be an attractive site, but it will give you a chance to meet sexy swingers from around the globe. Swinger’s events are…



#6 FbHookups 

FbHookUps.com is the place to visit if you have the desire of hooking up with other sexy swingers. Fortunately, Fab Swingers is a free swinger dating website that offers plenty of high quality features. Based upon what we see, we are shocked that Fb Swingers is a free site. Out of all the swinger sites we have reviewed, Fb Hook ups Swingers offers many great options that cannot be found in other swinger websites. It has some exceptional features that make it easy for members to meet. You can upgrade your free account for a low price, but the benefits are slim and tend to…


#7 X-Match

A very attractive woman appears on the screen when you land on the site. She says, “Welcome to X-Match, the world’s largest dating site”. She has a handsome gentleman on her right side and a hot brunette woman on her left side. All three are sitting in a red chair with the anticipation that you will join them. The beautiful animated model leads you through the registration process. She will ask you questions such as…


#8 Senior Sizzle 

SeniorSizzle.com has some intangibles that cannot be found in other swinger sites. Signing up at Social Sex is a fun experience when compared to other sites that cater to swinger dating. An attractive model walks you through each step of the registration process. With each step, a piece of clothing of her clothing is removed. We must say that Social Sex has done a great job of creating an intro that will expands their membership base with ease. This website is filled with playfulness and impressive sliding images. Clicking on the images will…

#9 Erotic Souls 

Erotic Souls is the site for you if you are searching an opportunity to meet tons of swingers at an affordable price. The sheer volume of members is what makes this site stand-out. It is imperative for you to keep in mind that some members are not paying subscribers. This will limit your contact with them. With over 40 million members, it is not hard for you to find someone who catches your eye. All fetishes and fantasies are…

#10 Black Sex Match 

blacksexmatch.com is an intriguing user-friendly site that was designed to appeal to swingers from all walks of life. After going through the simple sign-up process, you can start searching for members in your area. You can also search for members in other areas. If you have ever…





Older Women Dating Younger Men and Older Men Dating Younger Women Review

There is a growing trend of older women worldwide who are attracted to younger men and go after them. Just as with any phenomenon, a trendy behavior is frequently assigned trendy terminology or slang words. It just so happens that the categorized term for women who prefer younger men happens to be a cougar. Quite simply put the term for a woman who prefers to gravitate to a younger man and date them on a consistent basis is a cougar. This concept can be contributed to a woman by the name of Valerie Gibson.

#1 Date A Cougar 




DateACougar is A Little Cougar Background – In 2001 Valerie wrote a book which was published, that has a very erotic concept to it. It centered around older women who could be cast into the role of stalking felines, in this case, cougars who would go after the rabbit prey, who happened to be young men. Her publication basically was an informative guide for older mature women who loved the thrill of dating younger men. Ever since this book hit the press the term cougar has been cast for women who actively seek out younger men to date.

Now this whole concept is a little more elaborate, intricate, and intriguing than it appears on the surface. Throughout this communication, I will go into detail about various angles and variations stemming from this intense attraction and more. Basically, I will elaborate on what I call the older younger syndrome! This syndrome involves both older men attracted to younger women, as well as older women attracted to younger men.


#2 Mlif Dating  


Passion.com – The Older Younger Syndrome! The various divisions that I will shed some light on include older women dating younger men, older women dating a younger man, older men dating younger women, the age differences in relationships, older women younger men, older women younger men relationships, older women looking for younger men, older man-younger woman relationship, dating a cougar, and cougar chat. This will be some very entertaining and illuminating information. In order for you to do your own personal follow-up, I will list some pertinent websites that will enable you to follow up and explore the various areas listed directly above, in this paragraph.

These particular sites will provide detailed information and are named one through four; You will find that the information available on these particular sites will complement your curiosity, your need to know facts and flat out inquisitiveness.

#3 Cougar Fling  


Evolution of Older Women Dating Younger Men,This type of relationship can start many different ways and take off in a number of different directions. Older women dating younger men is not quite that uncommon. To the extent more seasoned ladies dating more youthful men, a youthful buck who hasn’t been in the working scene throughout the entire relationship may be less fiscally stable than an established woman, so you’re consequently the woman might feel like a sugar mother. You might be OK with the age distinction amongst you and your man, yet your companions are another story. Other ladies might be desirous that a more youthful man is occupied with you, or your companions may be judgmental and doubtful about your new relationship.

Speaking from the older woman’s point of view, his companions may believe you’re a flop. Raise your hand on the off chance that you have zero enthusiasm for going to clubs. That way of life was for our 20s. Presently we want to rest, we adore being dynamic and proficient amid the weekend and us loath imparting a studio condo to 4 of our closest and dearest companions. In any case, since you have moved past that 20-something life doesn’t mean he has. Furthermore, on the off chance that you keep him down his companions may observe you be a stick in the mud.

More than likely he’s not searching for something genuine. What’s more, here’s a definitive danger of dating a more youthful companion: he’s simply not as prepared for something genuine as you may be. You are more established, you have encountered increasingly and tested progressively and now you are prepared to settle down with somebody you think about. On the other side, he has more of his needs to experience, he’s young and he’s not prepared to submit.

#4 CougarMilfs


Get It on is Special Attraction of Older Women Dating a Younger Man,In this kind of relationship, being an older woman dating a younger man, the woman is regularly in control. Some trust that a woman who dates a more energetic man does thusly in light of the fact that she can without quite a bit of a stretch control him; that the man being alluded to will be so awestruck by her thought that he will oblige whatever she says. In any case, that is a speculation that does not as is normally done apply to every condition.

Every now and again, more settled women are as of late isolated, and planning to sow their wild oats. Getting included with a man who isn’t hunting down a veritable relationship and needs a huge amount of fun is the perfect game plan.

More young men have the stamina and carefree perspective to satisfy their prerequisite for a wild ride. Along these lines, in the event that you’re planning to take in a thing or two between the sheets, look not any more remote than a more settled woman. In light of current circumstances, she’s no all the more sexually controlled, acknowledges what she needs, and apparently has a couple traps up her sleeve.

When in doubt, a more settled woman has defied her insecurities and fears head on and has overseen them to the best of her abilities. She likely has enough foundation to perceive what has any kind of effect and what doesn’t. In this way, she’s over the immaterial claptrap that makes you turned off about women your own specific age. A more settled woman has understood what makes her look fat, and what looks awesome on her, and knows enough about male-female associations with not inconvenience you with polite subtle elements that as a general rule serve to turn men off.

#5 Cougars Net  

Traditional Older Men Dating Younger Women,Is there really a standard model of older men dating younger women, or is each individual case unique. Well, this is a simple clarification. Men, who feel they’ve been “secured” for a really long time or what he considers a marriage of commitment, feel as though he’s been tricked of his childhood and his “fun years.” It’s as though he looks for a more youthful lady to supplant his more established model (spouse) and persuade himself some way or another that dating a more youthful lady will bring back his energy and give him another opportunity to have a fabulous time once more.

A refined man who is dating a more youthful lady is like a time machine. This is about the same time he spends his cash all the more uninhibitedly on indulgent man toys, replaces his closet, puts resources into hair club for men and possibly enlists a fitness coach. A few men date more youthful lady to demonstrate to themselves they haven’t lost his touch.

Numerous men more than 40 who confess to needing more children , paying little heed to the way that they might’ve effectively raised a couple. They trust that dating a more youthful lady, for this situation, is a necessity (or reason) to diminish the chances of any birth imperfections or wellbeing dangers. On the off chance that a more established man hasn’t had the opportunity to father a kid, he looks for a more youthful lady for this particular reason. This appears to be more similar to a cultivating arrangement for a few, yet a few men need to bear on their legacy with offspring of their own. Men have organic clocks, as well, on the off-chance that you didn’t definitely know. They expect more established ladies can’t securely have kids.

A few men have this crazy conviction ladies their own particular age are all the same. I’ll share a case. On the off chance that he’s had an awful involvement with his accomplice experiencing menopause, honestly it terrifies the poo out of him to consider going through everything over again with another person. Menopause is by all accounts the reason for some fizzled relational unions (or possibly that is the thing that a few men I’ve conversed with censure it on). In the event that he’s ever been internet dating or on a couple sharp daring meet ups with a lady who’s still intense about her separation, he all of a sudden supposes they’re ALL similar to that.

More youthful ladies, who have never been in a genuine relationship or “polluted” by a terrible marriage, appear like an incredible choice for a more established man looking for an anxiety and show totally free relationship. Shockingly for him, his suspicions about dating a more youthful lady might not be off-base. Most connections require work and participation to make them effective. Thankfully not every single more established man looks for more youthful ladies for a relationship. When you consider what makes an effective long haul, sound relationship last, age is only one thought in various relationship elements to consider.


Why The Age Differences In Relationships


There are many reasons for the age difference in relationships. All things considered, a more youthful lady fulfills a standout amongst the most fundamental human needs association.Youthful grown-up ladies ordinarily have to a greater degree of a requirement for an association. While they will build a career, they additionally need to in the end make a family. Then again, youthful grown-up men are more centered around the requirement for criticalness. They have connections and begin families, yet their essential center is making sense of an approach to make it on the planet. In youthful grown-up connections, these requirements are regularly in a struggle, as the lady needs more closeness and the man is centered around building his profession. More seasoned men and more youthful ladies share that same requirement for an association.




This is one of the barbarous jokes of the dating scene: more youthful men are centered around essentialness and more youthful ladies are centered around the association. Some place around midlife, there is a switch. Sooner or later, a more seasoned man will understand he’s wasted his childhood on the quest for force and may have ignored his family all the while. He is burnt out on the rodent race and is looking for more association. At the same time, a more established lady is burnt out on putting herself second after her kids and spouse. She is prepared to retreat to class and seek after the career she put on hold for her family. This is another reason more established men adoration to date more youthful ladies. A young lady is good with him in that she is likewise looking for more association.



Desirable Older Women Younger Men


What are some of the perks for desirable older women younger men hook ups? First and foremost a more youthful man is conveying less psychological weight than a more established man since he hasn’t had as much time to experience misfortune, misfortune or injury. This is a gift and a condemnation; less stuff implies a fresh start however it additionally implies he may be unpracticed, which accompanies its own particular issues.




There is no ex-component when dating a more youthful man, he will probably have fewer ex-relationships to fight with on the grounds that he is to some degree new to the dating diversion. An advantage in the event that you despise cumbersome run-ins with exes. You will feel more youthful in light of the fact that his energy and joie de vivre is infectious and will make you feel more youthful. Furthermore, who wouldn’t like to feel like a lighthearted 20-something-year-old once more?


You can impact him emphatically. We as all know men can be resolute. (Yes, ladies can be as well yet that is another subject for one more day). Since a more youthful man may not yet be set in his ways, it’s more conceivable that he’ll get your great propensities and swing to you for guidance.You can awe him with your experience. Furthermore, we’re not notwithstanding discussing your involvement in past connections. Think about all the cool things you did when he was still in diapers. When you let him know about seeing Nirvana live, he will be past inspired and desirous.


Chances of Older Women Younger Men Relationships


Following the time when Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman made it cool in the 1967 film The Graduate, older women younger men relationships have taken on a life of its own. Ladies have grasped the cougar part and like it. What’s more, it’s a well-known fact that Samantha Jones had (numerous) more youthful, hot, male toys. Sex in the City truly could have been called Cougar in the City. A more established lady dating a more youthful man is only a TV dream, it happens in this present reality as well.


It’s superb that individuals are additionally tolerating of a wide range of connections. So, it’s not generally smooth cruising when a lady dates a more youthful man. Things can be entangled with regards to setting out on a sentimental association with a more youthful person. Here are a few things to consider before you think about dating as a more youthful man.


More youthful men have a tendency to have more vitality. With regards to more established ladies dating more youthful men, consider that they have significantly more vitality—and a wide range of vitality. Better stamina implies they can appreciate more dynamic dates, and no, we’re not simply discussing racquetball.


They’ll acknowledge your recommendation. A more youthful man will regularly concede to a more established lady’s shrewdness. You’ve obtained a lifetime of experience already and back and you’ve most likely taken in a thing or two along the way. More youthful men are more open to looking for guidance and astuteness from a more established lady.


Are Older Women Looking For Younger Men

Are more seasoned ladies searching for more youthful men? Totally; This may sound weird yet subliminally they may serve as a mother figure. A more youthful man may infrequently anticipate that you will infant him and he may look to you as a nurturing sort, which is the last thing you need with regards to your sentimental and sexual relationship. You’re not appearing to be some man’s mother; you’re searching for a man. Furthermore, now and then you may get an update that he’s still only a kid.


Ironically, he’ll anticipate that you will be the grown up. He may stick you with the additionally exhausting and grown up parts of a relationship since you’re more seasoned and, well, more adult. Because he is more youthful doesn’t mean you have to do his clothing, pay the bills or get after him. Ensure he figures out how to assume responsibility both in your relationship and around the house.


Possibly, quite possibly, you found a more youthful person who doesn’t behave, but instead is shrewd past his years. Bravo! You’ve found the cougar blessed vessel! The main issue is that there’s an incredible chance your person’s companions are juvenile boneheads. What’s more, no one needs to feel like they are keeping an eye on you every time you go out.


How about we be genuine about this particular issue. Older women looking for younger men is a fact. However, in the event that you and your more youthful man experienced childhood in various decades, then there are some encounters and popular society references that you will just not share. He will never recognize what it resembled experience childhood in the 70s and you will never at any point comprehend why anybody prefers Miley Cyrus.


Desired Older Man-Younger Woman Relationship


(From His Point of View)


Here is the more established man-more youthful lady relationship from both perspectives. When you’re dating more youthful, you have to remember that development just genuinely blooms with age, and all things considered you could possibly have tons in the same manner as this new young lady. It’s an exchange off you should make when dating down.


Along these lines, albeit no psychological weight shadows your association with her, she may not have the experience or intelligence of somebody your age. So also, you would prefer not to scorn her due to this age crevice, recollect on the grounds that you’ve lived longer doesn’t make her any less wise. She’s now completely mindful that you’re fundamentally more seasoned than her, no reason for reminding her.


A decent proposal then is to locate the best of both universes, somebody who’s both more youthful and has that scholarly development that makes the relationship go past the underlying physical fascination. As a more seasoned man, you have the experience and knowledge of the past from your past connections, so utilize that to advantage your more current one.


Given the amazing pervasiveness of separation in present day western culture, and the compelling budgetary danger this involves, ladies more than 30 requests from their connections a high hazard monetary duty , with less attractive returns, when contrasted with more youthful ladies.


(From Her Point of View)


In her eyes, development in a man is very attractive. She needs somebody who is not apprehensive of duty and long haul arranges, which, let’s be honest, just truly frames in the wake of playing the field for a few years.When you’re youthful and dating, you have to investigate your alternatives until you locate the perfect individual to settle down with.


Ladies lean toward men who’ve as of now beat this phase of their life. Been there, done that. They don’t care for being toyed with or being seen as another indent on a person’s bedpost. Men who are searching for duty are constantly favored over the individuals who are simply looking for the sake of entertainment in playing the field.


So at last, dating is still especially about the similarity and association that one feels towards the other. The truth of the matter is, that men are quite often pulled into more youthful ladies yet their stage and circumstance in life, over a significant time span, additionally reflect in their decisions of picking the age of their accomplices. To keep the relationship going solid, you need a harmony between that age hole, whether it’s your need to get a vivacity back your routine or the absence of natural weight, each one is distinctive and in that capacity merits special regard for satisfying their necessities.


Dangers of Dating a Cougar


Being a more youthful person who dates a more established lady, the time has come to uncover a danger every one of you youthful folks may take. A hot Cougar is a perilous lady. She appears to be safe at to begin with, yet you should be careful, the risks are genuine. To begin off an attractive cougar expects more. A Cougar is going to expect more from you than any of the young ladies you have dated. She is going to expect regard. She will expect centered consideration. You will be required to bear on a shrewd discussion. The desires in the room are altogether different.


The more established lady – more youthful man relationship can be addictive. You will be stunned after your first date with a more seasoned lady. You may not expect anything drastically distinctive, but rather you are going to be stunned. The more established lady brings a couple of things into the date a more youthful young ladies infrequently has, similar to certainty. Your Cougar will be sure about herself and her life.


Her knowledge, and book insight, as well as genuine insight which prompts enthralling discussion, becomes an integral factor. Her sexual ability could conceivably take your brain to another level of delight, which more youthful ladies have not grown yet. Now and again this part of the relationship is startling. She has trust in what she prefers, and is similarly sure she can satisfy you.


With regards to budgetary dependability, this is a charming expansion to the relationship. She hopes to share costs, and on the off chance that she needs a costly night out is normally upbeat to take care of the bill. The things just said just begin to expose what’s underneath, yet you will find they prompt a fast dependence on being with a Cougar. For the unsuspecting person, there are dangers of dating a cougar.


Interesting Cougar Chat


There are a few scientists who say that ladies top a great deal later than men. No big surprise so a hefty portion of them swing to more youthful men! However, it’s the physical that draws in them as well as the educated person. In case you’re occupied with meeting cougar ladies who affection to talk, look no more distant than Cougar Singles Chat.


There is a gigantic group of women who know exactly who and what they like and need from life and make no statements of regret for it. Find the delights of these more established ladies when you join now. We question you’ll have the capacity to oppose their charms for long!


If you’re ready to take a test drive, simply sign up and build your individual profile. Next, start chats or extended conversations with both women and men to your hearts content. Before you know it, you’ll have a wide arrangement of online companions that you’ll soon end up swinging to for the majority of life’s inquiries, high points, and low points, and that’s just the beginning.


There is no other spot out there that will offer you the things that Cougar Singles Chat has and we promise that your bliss will be number one with regards to the wide determination of cougars who anticipate your landing. They are fun and energizing and can truly give you the knowledge to some of the life’s definitive inquiries and help you on your excursion to life. On the off chance that this engages you in any capacity, then you simply need to take the following simple and basic stride of joining our stunning group at Cougar Singles Chat. Essentially visit the connection underneath and get ready for one of kind fascinating talks and interesting cougar chat.




Interesting Cougar Chat


In Conclusion: Here are the site interfaces that will furnish you with a point by point data grouping on a specific region that you might be pulled into, notwithstanding different methods for growing these ways of life, and procedures for truly investigating the potential outcomes of attaching with somebody of comparative interest.


Top 5 Single Harley Davidson Riders Dating Sites Reviews

Dating a biker can be full of all sorts of challenges. To help you sort through all of these there are many online dating websites that you can use. If you are looking for a biker there are several online dating sites that are specifically designed to connect bikers together. It does not matter which type of motorcycle you choose to ride there is also always a match for everyone. Joining any dating site will greatly increase your chances of meeting other local single bikers. These sites will also connect you with other people who understand and share the same biker lifestyle as you. But with so many dating site options out there it is hard to pick just one. Which is why we have gathered the top 5 best biker dating sites.

#1 Biker Planet 



Biker Planet was one of the first biker dating sites, that has paved the way for many new biker sites. They strive to continuously improve their site so that is will satisfy every bikers requirement. The website works with hundreds of biker sites, local clubs, and other organizations. This means that you are able to be connected with thousands of local biker singles.

The site is free to join and setting up your profile will only a minute or two. This standard membership gives you access to have the ability to search for other members, commenting on their profiles, and sending them winks. You can also choose to upgrade your account to the Gold Membership. This membership will grant you access to many other features that will help improve your chances of finding a new love interest.


#2 Match.com  

This dating site was launched in 2011 and is dedicated to bringing Harley riders together. The Harley Dating Site is able to provide a personalized dating service that is targeted to help Harley owners connect with each other. If you enjoy riding Harleys or have your own Harley bike that you like to ride around then this dating site is for you.

Signing up for a free membership is easy and you will quickly be on your way to connecting with other Harley bikers. There is also a Gold Membership that you can pay to get access to. This membership will grant you access to many other features. Complete your profile by taking the time to fill in all the options. Doing this will ensure that you connect with someone since people are more likely to respond to you if have taken the time to fill everything in. You can also choose to post pictures of your tattoos and even show off what your motorcycle looks like.


#3 eHarmony.com 


Biker Planet has become one of the largest dating sites and has over 300,000 members. This site will help connect you to new single motorcycle riders in your area and even those that around the world. It has many features that can help you connect with new people.

The free trial membership will allow you to be able to browse through profiles, photographs, and even see who is online at that moments. To start contacting people you will have to sign up for the Gold Membership. This membership will let you send emails, instant message, and video chat with people. The site is easy to navigate around and allows you to search or browse through the other profiles.


#4 Elitesingles.com US 


This site has the ability to connect riders with new buddies or new love interests. Meet Local Bikers has many practical features that you will help you find that perfect someone. The site developers are mainly focused on how it functions and have not spent a lot of time on dazzling tools. The search function is not powerful enough to search through many different preferences. Which means that it will take some time to search through all of your options.

This dating site is free to join and you can have your profile sent up within minutes. There are a few features that you will have access too with the free membership. But choosing to upgrade your profile will grant you access to more features.


#5 Elitesingles.ca 


The Bike or Not site can be used to connect you with other local bikers. But it is not currently set up to match people up with a new love. Instead, it is used to connect people up with new biker buddies. This site is completely free to use, and functions like any other social network that is out there.




Biker Planet | Bikerplanet login | BikerPlanet.com Review

About Biker Planet



Biker Planet has been around since the year 2006, and it has been attracting more and more users ever since. Its members are represented throughout the United States, so it should be comparatively easy for people to find someone who is local enough that relocating is not going to be too much of a problem. People have the rare option to communicate with other people on the dating site using a video chat and audio room, as well as instant messaging. Biker Planet is also much more affordable than most other dating websites, which can automatically make bikerplanet.com a good choice.


Biker Planet Features


People can pay 24.99 dollars for a month at Biker Planet. They can spend 7.49 dollars a month if they sign on with the website for a year, however. It takes 16.66 dollars a month for three months to get a different deal with should be similarly cost-effective. Free members can access some of the features of the website but not all of them.


Some people might find the links that will take people away from the BikerPlanet site to be frustrating, since they can derail a person’s search. There is also the fact that Biker Planet could be more oriented towards bikers than it is. However, otherwise, the features associated with Biker Planet are truly excellent and stand apart from many of the online dating options.


People can upload pictures, receive messages from other members, contact members, add members, block members, search the website, and see who is online, and these are the features of Biker Planet that everyone can use. Getting started with the website is easy. People just need to come up with a username and a password. They need to disclose their birth dates, partly in order to make sure that only people over the age of eighteen use the website. They also then need to set up a description and a page headline.


From there, people can choose the option to become paid members or free members of the website. While Biker Planet is certainly a website that people can use for free, the paid members are going to have access to more features. The fact that there are payment tiers makes the website more accessible to more people, which is a positive feature in its own right.


The paid members of the website can actually participate in the Internet forums, customer support that lasts all day, the option to be invisible on the website, the ability to send instant messages and email messages to other members, the ability to see the pictures of other people, the ability to send flirts to other users, additional search options, and features that are more specialized for bikers. It’s easier for paid members to really educate other bikers about them.


The Rapid Match feature is also a fairly unique one for the website. It allows people to quickly create lists of the people they might want to contact. They can pass on people’s pictures or ‘like’ them if necessary, and from there, they can narrow down their list of potential dates.


Using Biker Planet


The Biker Planet website overall is very easy for people to use, which is a very important and underrated feature for an online dating website. People can easily check their messages and find all of the information that they need in order to really make progress with their online dating there.


People who go online to Biker Planet will often find that there are around nine hundred different members there. It’s going to be relatively easy for people to find likely prospects in an environment like that one. While this is a niche site, it has enough people from a particular niche that it should be comparatively easy for people to make contacts.




The important questions that people should ask about Biker Planet and online dating sites and biker dating sites in general concern whether or not these dating websites are going to stand apart from the multitudes of other dating websites online and whether or not they have good prospects with those sites. Biker Planet has a lot of members, and the website makes it easy for people to narrow down the list of members in order to find compatible matches.


TOP 5 Best Cowboy Dating Sites

Yee haw…. It gets even better when you can exclusively search through to find your ideal cowboy or cowgirl. Where else to start but on a great cowboy dating site? There are quite a number of dating sites online making it easier for you to meet your ideal partner. While there are several cowboy-dating sites, it is rather obvious that you cannot sign as a member in every single site. It is therefore, important that you first identify the ideal site while looking at the features they offer. To help you identify the best cowboy dating sites, here are the best cowboy dating sites

#1 Date a Cowboy 



This currently tops the charts due to the services as well as the experience. Singles here love their country life and you will not only see this through the cowboy hat wearing but also through the denim. Simply sign up for free and meet thousands of singles and you can tell that you are home. It offers a clear simple yet clear design that makes it easy to identify what you are looking to find. The outline is easy to scan with different categories; it is precise, and straight to the point.

Create a free profile to communicate with others. Send messages to those you are attracted to. Another key feature that cannot go unnoticed is the matching feature that tries to match you with your ideal partner. You may opt to venture into using the chat rooms, which remain active so you can login at any time a find someone with a country life interest. Those with active lifestyle can use this site due to its mobile-friendly feature.

This is probably the cowboy-dating site with the largest portfolio with a large membership base. It is easy to use and navigate. Take the ride with the right cowboy or cowgirl.


#2 FarmersDatingSite 


This site is designed to help singles meet their ideal match with a focus on fun and a county lifestyle. It delivers on functionality and the overall design of the site sleek and easy to maneuver. The information and images are clear and to the point. Just from the first view, you can tell that it is designed for young country singles with the concept of love in mind. Connections are fast and this makes it easy to operate. In addition, all content is clear even when you have to open large profiles.

Though it is relatively young with about 10,000 members, it is rapidly growing despite being a new and working with a niche target group. They offer chat rooms that remain active 24/7 so you can always chat with someone who enjoys similar passion of your cowboy/cowgirl lifestyle. It does not focus on country locations only but also covers the cities. This makes it possible for farmer lovers in large cities to connect.

Bottom line is that the Farmers Dating Service focusses on fun and increasing the chances of young singles meeting their ideal partners who also love the country lifestyle. It has active members and the site is pleasurable to maneuver.


#3 Match.com 

Match.com is designed to meet the needs of the young country young people who are looking to flirt rather than focus on a relationship first. This is not to say it cannot link lovebirds. While the cover page photo is that of a hot looking man, it is open to both single men and women. You will love the way they ask the gender not with the option to choose between male or female, but to select your gender based on cowgirl or cowboy.

The design of the website is simplified and maneuverability is easy. Overall, the design is catchy and even first time users will not have a problem figuring out what is where. It is precise and with buttons strategically placed to avoid confusion. This makes it comfortable and pleasurable to use.

Create an account on the site and you will be able to leave texts, photos, and guess what, even videos. With a complete profile, start chatting with other singles. After all, it is a Cowboy Chat City. In this, its activities around chatting with about 10 active chat rooms at all times, you will always find an interested party to flirt with despite being relatively young in the market.


#4 eHarmony.com 


eHarmony.com is a new cowboy-dating site but comes with several attractive features. Create an account/ profile for free and have access to all the features. Though it is new, there is a lot you can derive by simply logging in and viewing the site. You can definitely figure out what is where making it simple to use and navigate. They keep the profile low and allow you to unfold all the mysteries you want making it fun.

It has been designed to deliver on speeds, functionality, as well as on reliability. Cowboy language is not short so you can be sure that you are in the right place to find a cowboy or cowgirl. It is a “yay” or “nay” when responding to a recommended match. The site goes the extra mile to help you narrow down your search depending on the information you provide. It comes with a mobile app version making it easy to remain in contact at all times even when you are on the move.

Membership is low simply because it is new in the market but it is growing fast. It features individuals with a variety to look at with no age limit or specifications just that you need to be a cowboy or cowgirl. Current members are active giving you the opportunity to make the best of every moment.


#5 Elitesingles.com US 

Elitesingles.com  is a great website and do not let it fool you into thinking that it concentrates on ladies looking for cowboys. It comprises of both cowgirls and cowboys all looking to find love all clearly indicated from the red heart you see soon as you open the site. The design stands out with everything spelling out a country lifestyle. You will see a country couple with a barnyard background. It is also user friendly while at the same time upholding functionality.

The features that ensure functionality will include profiles that are elaborate with photos and important information. For individuals you have an interest in, you may choose to send them flirts or send messages via instant messaging. The chat feature remains active keeping you engaged.

It comes with a large membership base and many are very active. No matter where you are, you can find a country partner near you. You will feel right at home and you will get to share your country experience with someone that has a similar thrill.

The above review is on some of the best cowboy dating sites for you to explore. They meet the needs of the targeted niche market, making cowboy dating fun and adventurous.




Suggar Daddy For Me | SugarDaddyForMe | Sugardaddyforme.com Review


Review of Sugar Daddy for me

Screenshot of Sugar Daddy for me

Editor’s score:  User Score: (Average of 50 reviews)

Category: Dating for affluent audience

Site: www.sugardaddyforme.com

Chance of securing a date

What are the features:  Photos of members:

Support:  User Experience:  Sign up process:

Quality to Price ratio:


Final score:

If you’re looking to spoil or take care of young and beautiful girls, you will definitely enjoy sugardaddyforme.com. Similarly, if you are a young girl, full of ambitions and uncommon beauty, and you are looking for wealthy and caring men with class and style, you there’s plenty of them on the site. The website offers a range of different membership options for both men and women – and it doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting your online dating and adventure, or you’ve been into online dating for quite some time, you will find at sugardaddyforme.com literally over 5 million members to choose from. How does the website work? Check out the rest of our SugarDaddyForMe.com Review.
To register, and start looking for new partners, simply go to the main page, and fill the registration form. The whole process is very easy even with all the customization options which you can use to optimize your profile better, what should help you find more quality partners. Don’t forget to add a photo or two (in fact, you’ll be encouraged to do so, and you will quickly notice that those who share their photos with others find it much easier to date online and find more potential matches).
You may notice that profiles, despite numerous options available, profile are much and quicker and easier to complete than those of other websites – though most of the standard features are included.
The overall user experience of the website is very good.
The cost is much lower than other sugar daddy dating sites. We believe that SugarDaddyForMe is one of the best choice when it comes to online dating – especially if these are your beginnings. Of course, you can (and should) try the free trial option to test the website for yourself. The sugar daddy for me review is just a subjective opinion which you should verify on your own).


Unfortunately, during registration, you may notice that profiles, despite numerous options available, are not as complex as those of other websites – though most of the standard features are included. As opposed to what the name of the site suggest, we feel that the way profiles are designed makes the final outcome of the site closer to building a long-time relationship rather than a Sugar-daddy style one. That’s why you should consider your real reasons behind joining the site.


The overall user experience of the website is rather good. The only big drawback is a number of on-site advertising. Though free members shouldn’t be surprised to see them, there are way too many ads presented for paying members who can be annoyed, or simply put-off by the number and resign from the paid membership after some time.


Another inconvenience that may be annoying at first (though you can get used to it after some time) is the excessive number of all the warnings against possible frauds, scam profiles, and all the people that may try to trick you into sending the money or your personal details. It could have been done in a more subtle way, by giving other members a strong information and warning in the beginning, and should be ceased after some time after they know the risks so that the reminders don’t annoy people. After some time, it’s quite evident, that no one should send any money or share financial details with people from Nigeria.


Following the feedback from highly dissatisfied users, the website started increasing security by introducing a new level of subscription which is called “total access.” This feature is available both to premium and unpaying members. It allows all the subscribers to this functionality an easy and convenient way to contact website owners directly, thus reducing the risk of being scammed. So far the results are mixed, but it’s good to see that SugarDaddyForMe.com is listening to its users and taking action to solve the issues which they put forward.


Despite great available options including a few quite innovative ones, the cost of subscription isn’t as competitive as it could be. We believe that SugarDaddyForMe is not the best choice when it comes to online dating – especially if these are your beginnings. Not only is the feel of the profile a little bit mixed but the security issues and not too competitive prices show that the website is just average. Of course, you can (and should) try the free trial option to test the website for yourself (well, you never know who will you meet on the site and whether you will like it in the end). The sugar daddy for me review is just a subjective opinion which you should verify on your own). Make sure that you pay attention to the auto-renewal option which may cost you quite a bit if you don’t delete your payment details from your site on time.

To check out SugarDaddyForMe.com for yourself, simply click here or the button below.


Top 10 Best Asian Dating Sites

we share the dating reivews for the top 10 best asian dating sites in the internet. no matter you are from the china,Filipino,Vietnam or thailand, you can find your asian single to soul lover. asian dating is people to konw that are sexy and Eastern beauty. marry a china girls are equal to a Capable wife.this websites can give you top experience for dating asian women. the real relationships with your paid money to suit the dating service.

#1 Friend Finder



Asian Matching is best asian nich dating sites that made by first beat media,which Committed to internet dating markting to bring the high taffic from usa and canada.you can see the asian personals in your local place.that is best dating site who want to meet your asian singles.join our asian community that are best group where you can be finding a asian lover.


#2 Match.com 

Match.com is top one dating service in the world. the top best asian dating service where you can meet 30 million People to date your best match maker. match is biggest Company by Inc where are bought the plenyoffish.com and ourtime.com. find more mobile app such as tinder, youc can sight your eyes by diffent area in your country.

This dating site was launched in 2011 and is dedicated to bringing Single Asians together. The Asian Dating Site is able to provide a personalized dating service that is targeted to help Asian citizens connect with each other. If you enjoy Asian culture or have your own asian residents that you like to ride around then this dating site is for you.

Signing up for a free membership is easy and you will quickly be on your way to connecting with other Harley bikers. There is also a Gold Membership that you can pay to get access to. This membership will grant you access to many other features. Complete your profile by taking the time to fill in all the options. Doing this will ensure that you connect with someone since people are more likely to respond to you if have taken the time to fill everything in. You can also choose to post pictures of your tattoos and even show off what your motorcycle looks like.


#3 Asian Dating 


This site has the ability to connect riders with new buddies or new love interests. Meet Local Asian has many practical features that you will help you find that perfect someone. The site developers are mainly focused on how it functions and have not spent a lot of time on dazzling tools. The search function is not powerful enough to search through many different preferences. Which means that it will take some time to search through all of your options.

This dating site is free to join and you can have your profile sent up within minutes. There are a few features that you will have access too with the free membership. But choosing to upgrade your profile will grant you access to more features.


#4 Filipino Cupid 


The Filipino cupid site can be used to connect you with other local bikers. But it is not currently set up to match people up with a new love. Instead, it is used to connect people up with new filipino buddies. This site is completely free to use, and functions like any other social network that is out there.


#5 Indonesian Cupid 


This is a great site for the people who are interested in dating indonesian single, even though it is not exclusively intended for their particular age group. In fact, Indonesian cupid is one of the largest and the most popular of all dating sites, with millions of members and with people who are excited about meeting people across ages. This is a dating website that has one of the best track records of any other when it comes to creating successful matches that are actually going to last, since hundreds of thousands of people have managed to do that and the numbers are increasing all the time.


#6 Vietnam Cupid  


This is not exclusively a vietnam plus dating site. However, it does provide an excellent environment for the people who are interested in viernam dating. Match.com manages to stand out when it comes to the sheer membership of the website. In many cases, people are going to want to narrow down their selections because they are too broad. In other cases, people are going to want a much broader selection. Match.com is going to manage to give people more choices, and the people who are dating viernam singles are really going to feel as if they have their pick of the dating pool.


#7 Japan Cupid 

One of the great things about mature single people in general is the simple fact that so many of them are better off than many of their younger counterparts, who are still trying to get established in their careers or who are still trying to move up in the world. Many japanese singles do not have to move up in the world. They have already made it. This dating website is perfect for all of them, especially for the people who are specifically looking for the elite singles that are their own age. They will be able to find plenty of successful individuals who share their values on this dating site in Australia.Join the japnese cupid to date your singles now!


#8 Malaysian Cupid  

Malaysian cupid is another website that is exclusively intended for malaysian daters, which is an environment that plenty of older daters are going to prefer. This is going to attract the people who are interested in dating within their own age group, and no one is going to be solicited by younger people, which can be the case on some dating websites that cater to more age ranges. Many malaysian singles will click on a website that was very much designed for them in every way.

#9 Russian Cupid 


Russian cupid is perfect on this particular website. This is a place for russian citizens only, which is going to make it a much less threatening environment for the people who are interested in trying their luck on various online dating sites. This site is full of russian singles, and they’re going to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for each other as they all collectively try to splash back into the dating pool, frequently following a divorce or a death.


#10 China Love Cupid  

There is a gigantic community of individuals all over the world who fit in the category of chinese and over. This energized group of individuals is very much into making new friends, finding new associates, and building companionship relations. Many people who are china men and women enjoy socializing and meeting new individuals, but may not have the avenues to pursue possibilities along these lines, for a variety of reasons. Well, in comes “Chinalovecupid.com”, which is a new breath of fresh air for the individuals of this age group, who are looking to expand their possibilities in life.

Regardless, if you are looking for senior dating, a chinese dating site, or a senior friend finder, this site covers all of the bases and is a perfect portal for individuals over sixty to make the connections that they are seeking. Throughout this article I will be presenting bits informative reviews of satisfied members who have made the wise decision to get involved.


Date A Cougar Review | DateACougar.com Review


DateACougar.com is one of the best sites to consider when finding a cougar-dating site. The chances of finding a date are very high thanks to the outstanding features. They are detailed and interactive so you can select dates after identifying what you are looking for. You have the opportunity to interact to further get to know each other before the decision to meet face to face through the various ways provided to help you keep in touch. The administration definitely understands what they are doing and understand what their consumers are looking to find. It however, comes with a challenge where the web page design is a little tricky to navigate through.

One benefit is that the site focusses on cougar and cub dating whereas similar dating sites rarely focus on this factor. Many of the profiles are within the niche target group. Since it is online, the site has a global view. However, majority of the focus remains in the United States so it can be a little tricky for individuals outside of this region. However, this is not a limiting factor as there are more than 1 million registered members.

When searching through the site, majority of the profiles are active and equipped with all the necessary information as well as photos. Being a member is free and all you are required to do is create your profile. It is easy and fast to create your profile. As a registered member, you are at will to look through what the site has to offer. You can also carry out a basic search and browse individual profiles; they can receive messages, as well as receive IM invitations.

However, as a free member, you are limited to some of the site’s features. In this, you are expected to upgrade. Here, you will be able to exploit all site features. You get a three-day trial where you can access all features before upgrading for a fee. You can renew monthly or every three months. It is recommended that you select the 3-month renewal to save on the overall cost as compared to monthly charges.

Key features
Detailed profiles
This is in reference to the information provided as well as the images. However, it can be a little bit complicated when maneuvering the site. The images provided are clear with the ability to enlarge them for better viewing.
The left side of the profile offers a checklist for “contact preferences.” This helps you to determine your compatibility with that of the other party. For those who would not want to keep chasing, they have the option to click on the “ask if she is interested” icon. Many of its members are seeking meaningful relationships rather than the “have fun and leave” kind of relationships.

Several communication avenues
Members can opt for different communication avenues to keep in touch. These will include:
– Sending emails
– Chatting through Instant Messenger
– Audio/visual chat rooms

You can go the extra mile and exploit the Little Black Book or the Rapid Match features. This make your sessions more personalized. The little black book allows individuals to access more private and sexy photos. All you have to do is add your desired member to your Little Black Book and they will be asked to approve it. Once they do, you can get personal.
Rapid Match makes it easy and fast as it gives you the option whether you like to meet members, if you would not like to meet them, or maybe when you are not sure. The response from the other party will guide you on what next.

l Quick search option
The quick search option enables you to browse through several profiles over a shorter period. You have the option of searching by sorting the members in the provided categories. You can start from the newest members, those who were online recently, those with the most uploaded photos, or narrow it down to select those who are closest to your location.

l FAQ page and email support
This helps to provide members with the right support in navigating and using the site to its best capabilities. Customer support is offered at any time, as it remains operational 24/7.

Overall, if you are looking to date a cougar, this is the site to consider. It is easy to join as a member, you will definitely find a date if not dates, and it is active with a great system support structure at your disposal. Though it can be a little difficult to maneuver on the site, you get the idea over time making it simpler to operate.


Pof login | Plenty Of Fish username search | Plentyoffish.com Review


On PlentyofFish.com there are over 50,000 new member pics uploaded each day. POF has over 90,000,000 members with another 50,000 new people joining each and every day. You know what else happens every day on POF.com? Over 11,000,000 conversations between members. Every day! It has been said that Plenty of Fish is responsible for over a million new relationships each year. POF.com has been on magazine covers and featured by The New York Times, CNN, Fox, Today, The Wall Street Journal, and many more for it’s high success rate!


PlentyofFish.com Was Created By a Man Named Markus Frind…


He first registered the domain name in 2001. Yes, POF has been around for fifteen years and counting! Two years after Markus Frind registered the site it was becoming obvious that he had began something wonderful. The site was gaining popularity and gaining new members left and right. Markus ran the site himself, from his home, for the first several years. He worked out of his apartment in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The site grew and grew and grew and it wasn’t long before the site expanded to become world wide.


By The Time 2005 Rolled Around The Site Was Booming…


POF reached 1,000,000 members. As 2008 approached Markus decided to expand and upgrade even more. He upgraded his home office to an actual office in Vancouver, and hired his first employee to help him keep up with the rapid expansion. By the end of 2008 POF grew to have over 10,000,000 members.


In 2009 An Exciting Contest Was Held…


It was a contest that allowed single POF members to get together and meet Lady Gaga while she was on her “Fame Monster” tour. In 2010 Plenty of Fish was featured in several different music videos by famous artists including Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Flo Rida, Akon, Jason Derulo, and Natasha Bedingfield.


In 2010 POF Released Their Mobile App!


The new mobile app that was released made the site accessible from all Android and iOS cell phones and devices. Later in 2010 the site expanded again, this time allowing users in other countries such as Brasil, Spain, France and Germany to join and become members. POF upgrades and translated their site into five other languages to make sure that people every where could be a part of the POF community.


In 2013 More Changes Were Made To The Plenty Of Fish Website.


This time the though changes were made concerning member safety, and discretion. One of the first changes that was made was the elimination of “Intimate encounters”. The site then made it so that male members were no longer allowed or able to contact females that were more than 14 years younger than themselves. Men also had the option to send a picture with a message taken away. These changes cut down on unwanted perverse activity on the site a great deal. They made it so that the creeps were weeded out and cut off while the nice, normal people simply wanting to connect and create honest relationships remained. The cleanup of POF made the site more user friendly and so more trustable. Woman were especially happy for the changes. The good men on the site knew and understood exactly why the changes were made and therefor complied willingly.


In 2015 Match.com Bought PlentyofFish.com.


Match.com is another world wide leading dating website. As of 2015 POF.com employed 66 people. These employees help with customer service, programming, marketing, etc. At the end of 2015 POF had over 80,000,000 members. The site is monitored by staff, members, and volunteers. Users tend to keep an eye out for anything that seems off or unsafe and can act as site police at free will, reporting members who are breaking rules, harassing other members, or what have you.


2016 Is Upon Us Now…


We cannot wait to announce the next changes that will be made to the POF website. It’s getting bigger and better day by day! Every two minutes members announce a new relationship that was created through the POF site. Come see for yourself! Try it for free! You have nothing to lose but a chance to meet the love of your life.


How Do I Join Plenty Of Fish?


Plenty of Fish is one of the worlds largest and most successful free dating websites on the internet. In fact, they were titled the number one free online dating website in 2011. POF receives over 2.4 billion page views each month! Members of Plenty of Fish do not have to pay any type of membership fee. Joining and being a member is completely free. POF offers all that paid dating sites do and more. It is run and operated in the same way a paid dating site is and has all of the same types of features. POF believes everyone deserves a chance to find happiness but knows that not everyone can pay for a membership. The first step in joining Plenty of Fish is to visit the website, or find and download the app.


Imitator Sites…


There are some other sites that mimic the POF website. These sites are fraudulent and do so trying to obtain user login information. Be sure to double check that you are actually on the legit Plenty of Fish website before entering in any personal information or your login info. The real site is POF.com. An imitator site will have a slightly different url.


Creating Your Account…


At the top right of the homepage you will see three links. Sign in, help, and register. If you are an existing member you sign in. If you want to join you click on register. After you click on register you will be asked to create a user name, password, and you will need to enter in your basic info. Once you’ve completed the short form enter in the captcha and agree to the terms of service to continue. Choose a user name that suits your personality. It is the name other members will know you by. POF cares about your privacy and does not allow your real name or sensitive account information to be accessed by other member. Be careful who you give you real name and address to as well. Use good judgment and caution.


The Terms of Service…


It is very important that you take the time to carefully read and understand what you are agreeing to when you check the I agree button. The terms of service includes important information about your rights, privacy, and how you must conduct yourself on the site. Failure to comply with the terms of service will result in loss of your membership. You could also be permanently banned from the site.




When you open the POF app or visit the website you will need to login. You will be asked to do this each and every time you visit. To login enter in your user name or email, and your password. Keep your password simple enough for you to remember but complicated enough that no one else can guess it. If you fear your account has been hacked change your password immediately. If your login information is recognized by the site and your login is successful you will be brought to your inbox.


Creating a POF Profile…


After you’ve created your login information you will be asked to create a user profile. You will be asked several questions about who you are, your lifestyle, and what you are looking for in a partner. You’ll be asked whether or not you have children, whether or not you smoke or drink, what you do for work, what your religion is, if any, what your relationship history is like, what your marital status is, what you like to do, and what you are looking for as far as that special someone is concerned. Answer all of the questions honestly, and with thought as they will be used to determine who would be a good match for you. After you have answered all of the questions you’ll be able to upload a profile pic, list your interests, and tell potential matches a little bit about yourself.


The Relationship Chemistry Predictor…


The relationship chemistry predictor is an excellent way to find matches that feel and think the way that you do. You will be asked 73 questions. You will be able to answer each question using agree, somewhat agree, disagree, or somewhat disagree. Your answered get calculated and compared to the answers given by your potential matches. You will be matched with people who agree with the things you agree with, and who disagree with the things you disagree with. This test will be offered to you at your first login. It is completely up to you whether you complete the test or not. It is not a mandatory step in signing up. The chemistry test only takes two or three minutes. The questions are very simple and can be answered without thinking twice.


Quizzes and Questionnaires…


There are several other fun quizzes and questionnaires that you can take at POF.com. They are all designed to bring you closer to finding that person who shares your opinions, likes, dislikes, and interests. Users love the sex test. The relationship needs assessment, and the Psychological Assessment are great as well. They really get down to the soul. They identify who you are and what you need. They help you find matches who are like you, and who want the same things that you do.


More Fun Stuff…


POF is just full of fun stuff. Points are earned every time you login. These login points can be used to purchase gifts that you can give to other users. You can also send roses, and do all sorts of other cool things. Goldfish credits can be obtained and used to purchase gifts and such as well. When a gift is purchased with goldfish points and given it can be seen publically for three weeks. A gift that is purchased with login points remains private and can only be seen by the recipient in their own email.


The POF Community…


Found at the bottom left of the POF homepage are links to help you connect with other users. You can get to know other members in so many ways on the Plenty of Fish website. Visit the community, browse through the success stories submitted by real members who found love through the site, or take a chance by clicking on passion match.


Questions Or Concerns…


If ever you have any questions, problems, or concerns you can click on one of the help links at the bottom of the home page. There are tons of answers in the forum, or you can contact customer service. All questions are answered within 24 hours.


What Kind of People Use Plenty of Fish?


Men and women who are tired of being lonely, who are looking for friendship, or more, and those who are searching for that someone to make their days a little happier are the types of people who use POF. Not all members are seeking long term serious relationships. Some just need friendship, companionship, and to know they aren’t alone. Others are looking for long term relationships, and to start families. POF offers human contact and the chance of forming meaningful relationships. If this sounds like something you may be interested in join the millions of others who have already joined. It’s totally free. You can deactivate your profile at anytime if you register then feel it’s not for you. There are no strings or obligations.


Beyond The Free Membership…


Many users are happy using the free membership only. However, the is an option to upgrade to a paid Plenty of Fish membership. It is not required but will allow you to do a little more with the site. Being a paid member does have it’s perks. You can see if the messages you sent were read, and when, or if they were deleted with a paid membership. With a free membership you cannot. Also, with a paid membership your profile becomes highlighted in search results, your can create a profile theme, have access to unlimited gifts, and remove those unwanted ads. Paid memberships also allow members to be a part of the advanced behavioral matchmaking system. Paid members can see who has viewed their profile and when. It is definitely worth it to pay for a membership, but again, it’s optional.


The Best 10 Cougar Dating Sites Free Reviews

The older woman/younger man romance has long been a favorite male fantasy.The explosive popularity of the TBS television series Cougar Town starring Courtney Cox has helped bring this sexy subject into the spotlight. An older woman who prefers the company of a (usually much) younger man is known as a Cougar. There are a number of online dating sites that cater to the Cougar lifestyle, making it easier than ever for Cougars and the men who are interested in dating them to find one another and connect, as privately – or as publicly – as they wish.
Below is a list of reviews of the Top 10 Cougar dating websites of 2017. They are listed in no particular order, and each one offers it’s own unique features and membership perks and plans. So take your time, read through the reviews, and enjoy the hunt for your very own Cougar – or Cub!

#1 Date A Cougar 



DateACougar.com ranks among the leading Cougar dating services. it has been in successful operation for several years now. The website is extremely easy to navigate and boasts an impressive set of features adapted to the various preferences of both younger men and cougars. Dateacougar is a favorite due to it’s slightly lower pricing as well as it’s features.
It is 100% free to join Date A Cougar. Registration is pretty much like other similar websites. However, a major bonus to this website is that it is among the few that offer a 3-day Premium membership trial. Pricing is as follows:
3-day Premium trial (full access to all features: $79.95
One month Premium membership: $29.95
3-month subscription: $39.95
3-day trial of AllXXXPass.com: $1.00 (this option provides access to exclusive adult content).
Payment is via credit card only.


#2 Elite singles 


Elite Singles is a classy, sophisticated site where the cream of the dating crop may be found. The site serves cougars and the cubs who are looking for them, and vice versa. Over 67% of Elite Singles members hold University degrees and have above-average incomes. The site boasts a membership base of over 13 million.
Elite Singles Membership Levels and Fees:
Premium Membership Levels:
1 Month: $44.95
3 Months: $29.95 per month
6 Months: $19.95 per month
12 Months: $12.95 per month
Premium Membership Plus:
1 Month: $59.95
3 Months: $34.95
6 Months: $24.95
12 Months: $14.95
Elite Singles offers the following payment options: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Debit card/check, PayPal.
Initial signup for the website is free. Free members may browse the site, look at member profiles, and do simple searches. Free members may not send messages, but they can send “Smiles” to indicate interest in another member. Free membership also excludes the viewing of pictures of members and their entire profiles.Premium and Premium Plus memberships provide many more options and access to the site’s exclusive features. Elite Singles also has a premium app for Android and Apple mobile devices.

Members of Elite Singles are those known as the more privileged members of society. You would be hard pressed to find a member whose income is less than $75,000 annually, so if you’re tired of trying and failing to meet someone with the same drive for success that you have who is also looking for a cougar/cub relationship, this site will make all your dreams come true.
Be prepared for the strict membership verification process: you will be required to upload identification to prove your identity. Elite Singles has the most stringent membership sign up process of any of those reviewed here. It is comparable to a complete psychological profile as to who you are. It is this level of security and attention to detail that allows Elite Singles to offer the services it offers at the level of class it demands.


#3 MilF Dating


Milfdating.com is one of the premier dating sites which caters exclusively to older women seeking younger men, and vice versa. The Cougar Life site features a simple, no-frills design that allows the focus to remain on the users themselves, what they are looking for, and what they have to offer. However, the site does have modern appeal and an impressive number of features and options for every user. Cougar Life has received consistently high ratings from it’s users for it’s great value for your dollar.
The creators of CougarLife.com created the site with the focus on making sure the users don’t have to spend a fortune to get what they are looking for. Registration is completely free at CougarLife.com. This will provide you with access to all of the basic features of the website. Only when you choose the level of membership and all the perks that go along with it will you be required to pay membership fees. And you always have the option to upgrade at any time. Membership packages and pricing are as follows:
1-month Premium membership with 100 credits: $40
3-month Premium membership with 500 credits : $87
1 year Premium membership with 3000 credits: $144
A one-time membership fee of $5 is available for those who want to access the site while on the move. All payments can be made via credit card or Paypal; however, certain “advanced” features available on the site do require the use of a credit card. Credits may also be earned or may be purchased for a fee.

Some user-favorite features include:
Sending flirts: This can be done free of charge and is a way of letting someone know that you are interested in them.
The “Ultimate Catch” Guarantee: This feature guarantees users a date or their money back.
Cougar Life Refer A Friend program: Get $20 credit or one month of premium membership absolutely free of charge when a friend joins. Requirements apply.
Premium membership status offers the opportunity to initiate a conversation with new members prior to other users at Standard membership level.
Gold membership status allows members to Instant Message members to chat in a private setting.
Search options may be filtered to precise settings so that you are not wasting your time and so that you can find the partner of your dreams quickly.


#4 Cougar Cub Dating 

CougarCubDating.com is a dating site which focuses on attracting novice cougars to advise them and help them to find and date a better class of man. Their membership base is filled with some of the most attractive women and men on any cougar dating site.
There is absolutely no charge to become a standard or basic member of Cougar cub Dating. However, this deprives you of access to the advanced features and settings, which can be viewed in the “upgrade” navigation window.
If you are looking for the ultimate cougar dating site experience, then upgrading your membership is highly recommended. Some of the more noteworthy features found on this dating site include:
*The ability to create and maintain a photo album consisting of all personal connections.
*being able to search for matches based on age and location.
*Standard membership allows the sending and receiving of Flirts (message templates pre-written by the website)
*Premium users may send emails to fellow members as well as initiating real time chat using the instant messaging feature.
*Built-in privacy settings permit selected users to access galleries and albums. Paid members have the ability to select privacy settings in order to stop other users from contacting them, or to hide their profile from search listings to maintain privacy.
*Premium membership provides unrestricted access to chat rooms.
Cougar Cub Dating presents a simplistic design approach; it isn’t over the top extravagant but it IS effective. It is easy to navigate, from the Homepage where you will create your list of personal preferences all the way through to connecting with that special person.


#5 Older Women Dating 

This cougar dating website has a long and very successful history. It’s secure privacy protection features have never been breached, and it offers a convenient mobile app for when you’re on the go. This company has been in the online dating game for more than 13 years, meaning they have extensive experience and knowledge of what works well and what gets results.
Older Women Dating is targeted specifically at older women and younger men who are looking to meet one another for dating, romance, and what have you. Everyone on the site is interested int he same type of dating schematic, and there is a large member base, so finding your perfect match is a breeze.

The Older Women Dating mobile app is one of the site’s most popular features, as so many people use their tablet or smartphone much more than they do a computer these days. The app is available for iPhone and Android as well, and you can perform searches, check your email, send and receive “Winks”, and much more.
Registration is free on this website, and users may continue with their free membership for as long as they want. A free membership allows users to add up to 26 photos to their profile. Users may search for partners by location, reply to emails, send Winks, and create a “Favorites” list. An upgrade to a Premium Gold membership allows access to additional features, but there is no obligation to upgrade at any time.
A major concern with many dating sites is that they make members’ personal information available to third parties. Older Women Dating’s privacy policy guarantees that members’ personal information will not be sold, rented, or otherwise disclosed to any third party whatsoever.


#6 Cougared 

Cougared.com’s focus is providing a fun, interactive place for cougars and cubs meet for dating, friendship and who knows what else! Users can specify whether they are looking for a wild, sexy time, a soul mate, or just some fun times. Cougared users have rated the following features among the website’s best:

Cougared.com incorporates all the elements of social network sites in order to create a well-rounded environment for it’s members. There are blogs and forums to assist members with connecting with other members who are interested in the same type of encounter. It is a safe place to hang out and meet new people. It boasts a member base numbering in the thousands.

This site is, as the name suggests, targeted at older women, affectionately known as cougars, who are looking to meet younger men, or cubs. Older women are generally successful and established, and there are a large number of attractive, sexy young gentlemen who are looking for just this type of woman.
Creating a profile is free on Cougared. Paid membership at a Premium level is also available, which provides more access and options.
One unique feature of this website is that you may specify right on your profile whether you are looking for a soul mate, a bit of fun, some wild times, or something else which you may specify, and you are free to choose more than one option.
For safety and security purposes, Cougared members are checked at random to verify they are in fact authentic. Any photos uploaded to the site is manually screened. The website does not, however, perform extensive background checks.



#7 Cougar Passions 

CougarPassions is part of the Passions Network, a group comprised of more than 240 dating sites catering to specific interest groups. A Premium membership to CougarPassions includes network-wide access, and allows members to join any of the other sites they wish. By joining CougarPassions, users are essentially creating their own mini-network of dating sites.
Cougar Passions – as well as all of the other sites in the network) includes a section for members to discuss their specific interests with one another as well as a section for member blogs. Groups include “Friends With Benefits”, “Cub Seeking Cougar”, “Wanna Meet Now?”, and many more.
Members may email any other member, but each member is limited to sending 10 emails per day. This limitation is to prevent spam. Once another member adds you to their Favorites list, you may email them as often as you wish and it will not count against your daily limit of 10 email messages.
Information included in the website’s terms of service say that “it is highly likely that your basic profile information will be available to search engines…” If you do not wish for your profile to be displayed in public search results for any search term, the only way to prevent this is to not join any site within the Passions Network.


#8 Go Cougar 

Quite the opposite of many of the cougar dating websites reviewed here, GoCougar focuses on helping cougars and cubs to meet and encourages them to become involved in a fulfilling relationship. Most of GoCougar’s users hail from the United States and Canada.
GoCougar.com is one of the more casually designed cougar dating sites and therefore it does not charge the exhorbitant membership fees that some other sites do, choosing to keep things affordable so that more people can enjoy the benefits of the website. Standard membership is 100% free of charge and Premium membership fees are as follows:
One month Premium membership: $9.95
3-month Premium membership: $25.95
6-month Premium membership: $49.94
Payment options include Paypal, credit card, or bank transfer.

GoCougar features a unique “Hot or Not” feature which allows users to check out the profile pictures of other users, rate them, and see how other members have rated them as well.
GoCougar also offers a helpful FAQ page where users can find exhaustive information on all major aspects of the website.
The bottom line is GoCougar is a no-frills cougar dating website that cuts to the chase and gets down to business. It is perfect for those who are tired of being alone and are looking for romance right away.

#9 Play Cougar  

PlayCougar is the perfect cougar dating site for those who are looking for something easy and fun in a hook up, not for those looking for something in the long-term. This entire site is d edicated to helping cougars and their cubs find one another for some sexy, casual fun and no-strings-attached action.
A Standard level PlayCougar membership is free, but for those who are eager to connect with people via this website then membership will have to be upgraded. Premium membership provides access to all of the site’s advanced features and is available starting at $24.99 per month. Members may also opt for a trial membership for $7.95 in order to get a better idea of the features offered by the site and what all it has to offer before making a financial commitment at a higher level.
PlayCougar offers the basic features as other cougar dating websites, with the emphasis here being on casual dating and easy encounters. Website features include:
*A free profile of all your personal information and photos.
*Upgraded subscriptionsprovide access to all of the site’s features.
*Upgraded users may add users to Favorites lists and connect with them at any time.
*Customer Support that is available 24/7 to assist users with all questions and use of the website.
PlayCougar isn’t for everyone. The website makes it clear that it is an adult dating site which emphasizes hookups and casual encounters, and not long-term relationships

#10 Cougar Fling 

CougarFling.com offers a unique, holistic online dating experience for both Cougars and the men looking to meet them. The internet world of Cougar dating sites has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds in the past several years.
Pricing for Passion.com membership is as follows:
3-day trial membership: $7.95
One month Premium membership: $29.95
3-month Premium membership: $39.99
Payment options include Visa/Mastercard or eCheck.
Features are similar to those of other cougar dating sites. Website chat rooms offer both audio and video chat options for members.

Share private photo albums with other users and watch video profiles of other users.
The “Rapid Match” feature selects pre-determined matches for you based on your profile information.
Free membership allows users access to the quick search option but with a less broad set pf parameters; advanced search filters allow users to find matches based on common factors.


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