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It is obvious that today’s media are obsessed with youth and appearance. You could not be taken accountable for thinking that dating is only a young person’s game. However, this is not the case, love or companionship is not limited to age. Nonetheless, a 70 year old will not go about dating the same as a 20 year old would.

It is high time there was a change in perspective. In the current age, there is better medicine, more people are living decades longer than they would in the 19570s or 80s. Additionally, more people are living healthy lives with the need to stay fit being a high priority. At the same time, more adults are finding themselves single after the age of 70. This is a good age to look for a new companionship after either a divorce or even a tragic loss of a loved one. The following are a few dating tips for anyone who is over 70 and planning to enter the crazy dating scene.

Change in Perspective


It is clear that no matter how old you are, you can always feel lonely. It is basic human nature to yearn for companionship. However, older adults do not look for companionship as their younger counterparts. Once you enter the wisdom years, a lot of things are going to change in terms of needs, desires and the expectations of your companion. These things will vary a lot compared to what you were looking for while you were 20. A change in perspective is therefore a very important consideration before deciding to date at 70 or over. Ask yourself some fundamental questions like: how do I expect my companion to behave Do I want love or simply companionship? Such basic questions will guie you in who to date and who to not date even before the actual dating begins.

Age is a just a number…when 70 and over



It is easy to get carried away in the current attributes about age and dating. For instance, the most popular dating sites show that young people are very age-specific. You will find a 33 year old man looking for a woman who is between 25-30 years old and a list of other requirements. Young people are incredibly prejudiced when it comes to age. It is therefore one of the most important factor young people will consider before dating. This scenario changes dynamically when you enter your 70s. This can be attributed to the fact that people of this age bracket are wiser. More practically, the essential truth is that gae loses its significance the more an individual grows. Other factors such as the shape one is in start to play even a bigger role. You will easily find a 70 year old woman going for a more fit 80 year old man instead of an unfit 65 year old. If the woman likes to take long walks or slow jogs in the morning, it is better to share these moments with someone who also finds them fun. On the contrary, a 75 year old woman with back problems and who enjoys sitting in and going for art and gallery shows maybe a perfect match for he 65 year old man. The point is, the dating scene at 70 years and over becomes more specific since most people know exactly what they are looking for.

Looks do not count at 70 as well


Another difference you will find between dating at a young age and dating at 70 is the role looks play in the whole process. If you look at the most popular online dating sites such as Tinder, you will realize that it is the profile picture that sells. The ‘hotter’ a person looks, the more likely they are to find a match. This trend drives a strong message towards the youth that looks is all that matters. This message, however, does not apply to you if you are 70. Again, maybe looks play a smaller role among older individuals since they are wiser. They understand that looks have little to do with the actual nature of a person. Physical attraction makes a poor substitute for kindness, being caring and loving. Consequently, most adults look for specific qualities from their companion instead of being fixated on the vain attributes such as look which fade over time. Do not try that hard, just put yourself out there, know what you are looking for and its only a matter of time before you find a match. It is never too late.


Mature Free And Single Review | Maturefreeandsingle.com Review


Dating can be hard when you are young, but it can be even harder when you are older. Maybe you had an easier time dating in your youth. Perhaps you had a bad break up. Maybe you just have not found the one that is right for you yet. For what ever reason, you are still playing the field and you probably need some advice. Dating can definitely be tough, and as you get older, things change. Dating as a grown adult is much different than dating in high school and college. If you tend to date in a similar way that you did in your youth, you might not have much luck. At this point in time, ladies will definitely want to see some maturity. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when it comes to dating after thirty.


It has been said that men mature a lot later than women do. This is obviously subject to opinion. However, there is a good possibility that your first date ideas and a woman’s first date ideas are completely different. In many ways, things don’t really change. If you were dating in high school or college, you should have respected what the woman wanted. There are high chances you may not have done that, though. While it is possible to find a woman that wants to jump right into things, it is unlikely. Take things slow, warm up to each other, get to know each other, and what ever you do, don’t talk in an appropriate manner. It’s very important to not seem perverted when you are dating. As previously stated, try to show maturity. There are a lot of grown men that go on dates ready to jump right into things and expect the woman to be ready. It is unreasonable to expect this. Don’t assume that your date will want to kiss on the first date just because you paid for a meal. If you shouldn’t assume about kissing, this is probably true for many other things that will be left unmentioned.


Whether you or male or female, be yourself when you go on dates. Try to loosen up and don’t get uptight about it. If the person does not like you, let it go. There are plenty of people out there and you should not take it personally. Most of the time it is not personal. Maybe they just got out of a bad relationship and they simply aren’t ready. Or maybe they really like you as a friend, but not as boyfriend/girlfriend material. Do what ever it takes to not seem clingy and desperate. You want to seem interested, but you don’t want to seem desperate. If you go on a date, give the person a call or a text to let them know that you had a good time and plan something else. There is no need to text or call them every second of the day. While you go on dates, have fun with it. Plan dates that are more than just going to get food. Plan adventurous dates, as this will help you to have fun and see how the two of you would do on an actual adventure together. Have fun with dating! Life is too short to not have fun. Enjoy life and live it in the moment.


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Dating can be hard regardless of how old you are. It is clear that dating as a teenager is much different than dating as a grown adult, let alone once you are older than fifty. At this point in time, you might not feel that confident in yourself. Many woman who are over fifty feel that their bodies and faces aren’t as beautiful as they once were. The first step before you even begin dating is to gain confidence and self love. You have to realize that your body is beautiful, and likewise your face is absolutely gorgeous, regardless of how old you are, whether you have wrinkles, or can’t fit into old pants of a smaller size. Before you seek love in a man, find it in yourself first. This applies for people of all age groups and genders. However, it is often very prevalent for women over fifty due to the fact that they may not feel very confident. As the quote goes, one should have a beautiful heart because outer beauty will eventually fade. This is true and false; while it is true that a beautiful heart is more important than a beautiful face or body, you can be just as gorgeous on the outside when you are fifty. Love yourself and be whole on the inside. Do not seek a relationship to try and make you whole, as this will probably leave you feeling empty and insecure. Most men want to find a woman that is confident and secure of herself, especially at fifty. Men will probably see it as very amateur to have to constantly build your self esteem up as if they are dealing with a teenage girl that needs an overload of attention. Make the process easier for you and your date. Before you go out, before you attempt at a relationship, work on loving yourself.


Once you are positive that you love yourself, you will be going into the dating field as a whole person who is completely fulfilled ready to take on any relationship that comes your way. When you go on a date with someone, it is very important to make sure you listen to them speak. While on your date, make sure listening is a two-way street. One person shouldn’t do all the talking. If someone is a bit more shy, it may help to fill in the gaps. But, nonetheless when your date is talking, you should listen. Don’t listen for the sake of waiting until you can talk again. Listen to them and really hear what they are trying to say. Ask the person questions and try to get to know them. If the listening is mutual on both ends it will make for a much better date.


At fifty years old, you have seen a lot and you have probably done a lot of dating. It is good to have your standards set high. The worst thing you can do is seem extremely desperate like you are ready to jump into any relationship. However, be careful not to judge too harshly and miss out on someone you could have been great with. At this age and beyond, it will be a struggle to not compare the persons every word and move to other men you have dealt with over the years. Don’t try to figure them out all in one sitting. Everyone is different and you should try to avoid comparison. Try to let things flow naturally. On a date, men should not expect sex. The same goes to women. While most women probably know this automatically. In fact, most women probably get extremely annoyed by all of the men who seem to be after only one thing. Every now and again, you get a woman who is almost worst than the men. It’s been a while since they’ve played the field and they are ready for some action. Take things slow and don’t expect anything on the first date. You should not even expect a kiss on the first date. The first date is where you get to know the person, and at the very most, expect the man to pay if they were the one that asked you out. But, definitely do not expect a kiss or sex. It is wrong to expect that after a date. Enjoy the field of dating. Go on fun dates and consider it an adventure. Have fun with your life.


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Dating is an important part of life. It results into building a strong relationship with the person you like and appreciate. It enables you to know somebody better before making any important decision such as a relationship or marriage. However, quite a number of senior people experience challenges in dating. For this reason, they have failed to enter into any meaningful relationship. But with over 55 dating tips stated below, you are sure to have a successful dating as long as you apply them.

  1. Do not accept sex after a few dating sessions.
  2. Discover your partner and know him/her better
  3. Senior people should make dating fun and an enjoyable experience
  4. Forget about your ex and concentrate on your current partner
  5. Do not talk about your ex on your first as a senior person
  6. Try to meet people physically when dating instead of doing it online
  7. Do not behave as if you are already in a relationship when you actually still know each other
  8. Be firm and explain your limits to the senior person you are dating
  9. Pay attention to someone you are dating. Look into his/her eyes and listen keenly.
  10. As a senior person dating, make yourself worthy so that somebody does not rate you low in a relationship.
  11. Reciprocation is not a must. Keep that in mind and understand.
  12. Do not overly rely on text message for communication. If someone values you, he /she will try to speak to you verbally.
  13. Establish a senior person’s marital status; single, married or divorced and decide accordingly
  14. Do not worry about how the response will be.
  15. Do not make assumptions on an individual’s character on the basis of job, salary and age
  16. Put some good effort in dating to make it successful
  17. Be social and try to interact with new and different people. You might get a good catch.
  18. Try to be resilient and do not give up
  19. Be sincere with your actions and don’t to fake anything especially on the first date
  20. Don’t expect what you can’t manage to do as an individual.
  21. Do not dismiss someone by simply judging him/her on the first date
  22. Be mindful about your partner
  23. Do not force yourself to like someone if you don’t feel him/her
  24. Ask yourself what you intend to benefit from the relationship
  25. Read signs of people who show no interest in you no matter your efforts. There is a reason for that.
  26. Introduce the person to the family after knowing him/her pretty well

  27.Do not dwell so much on talking about your past.

  1. Be careful with what you are saying about your past relationships.
  2. Pay attention to your partner

  30.If you are interested, show the interest and don’t pretend to be otherwise

  1. Date in an open and neutral place on the first date

  32.Do not invite the person to your place barely a few days after the first date

33.Be real and don’t pretend about who you are while dating

34.Try to listen and do less of talking

35.Avoid distractions by putting your phone in silent/vibration mode.

36.Do not sleep with a senior person if you still have some doubt about him/her.

37.Be positive about your beliefs and attitudes

38.Say positive things about yourself when dating

39.Be clear about your purpose.eg long term relationship

  1. Inform a senior person that you are going on a date
  2. Value your time and don’t accept dates when you are busy

42.Do not carry much luggage when going for a date

43.Do not try discover some information about your partner’s ex which will make you feel insecure

44.Do not be over-ambitious with expectations

45.Be positive on subsequent dates

46.Do not be aggressive in your approach

47.Do not force to know much about a reluctant person

48.Be honest while dating

49.Avoid premature conversations and talk maturely

  1. Do not date out of pressure from friends or family
  2. Try to make yourself look better on the first date. Remember the first impression is the last impression.
  3. Spend your time in the present moment

53.Do not begin to tell somebody about what you know about him/her on the first date

  1. Don’t control what is beyond control
  2. Acknowledge any response

56.Do not engage in phone nor online sex with someone you do not know

57.Avoid company of people with negative attitudes

58.Feel good about yourself and act in a similar way.

59.Do not try to play games while dating

  1. Avoid multiple dating

In conclusion, the above over 55 dating tips will enable a senior person to get a partner and hence enter into a successful relationship when applied appropriately. They are proven tips and success is a guarantee. Good luck.


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Are you a Christian over the age of fifty years? As a Christian who is playing the field dating, there are some things you need to consider. Do you wish to date someone with a similar faith as you? Sometimes dating as a Christian can be hard. Ultimately you have to look deep inside and ponder on whether or not the faith of your partner matters to you. For some Christians, it is very important to find someone who is also a Christian. On the other hand, there are Christians who venture out of their own faith and have no problem dating someone with other beliefs, such as a completely different religion, or even an atheist. There is nothing wrong with either of those two decisions, it is just a personal preference. It is important for you to know how you feel on this subject, though.


If you feel completely comfortable dating someone of any different faith, this opens your options up a lot. In this case, you could meet someone practically anywhere and get to know them. A lot of times love will find you when you least expect it. The best piece of advice for people seeking love is to not search too hard. Love will find you in due time without all of the searching. Keep an open mind where ever you are. You should see everyone as a friend, and if more comes of it, than your wish to find love will come true. Don’t assume that you need to go somewhere like a club to meet someone or use dating sites. While dating sites are not always horrible, sometimes it’s better to go about dating someone the old fashioned way. Some great places to meet people are grocery stores, church, etc.


As a Christian woman that wants to date strictly other Christians, it would probably be great to meet someone at your church. If you go to a church where you know everyone, consider getting to know someone that you have seen a lot, but never paid much attention to. Another option is checking out a new church of the same faith as you. The church will be a great place for you to meet a person since you already know the persons faith. Also, it would be great to check out some Christian dating sites if you don’t mind taking a more modern approach to dating.


Given that you have already found someone to go out on a date with, there are some things to keep in mind. On your date, you should be yourself. Act casual and not too clingy. Regardless of religion, nobody wants to pursue a relationship with someone that seems very desperate. Don’t rush into things. If you are a Christian that decides to date outside of your own faith, make sure to be respectful of the other persons beliefs as far as faith goes. Don’t date someone with a different faith and hope to change them. Relationships involve loving the person for who they are and not being afraid to make sacrifices. Even if you date someone with the same faith, the person will still have some beliefs that are different from you. Remember that you can love someone with different beliefs from you, there is nothing wrong with that. Take the time to get to know people and have fun in the dating process.


When you are a Christian, one of the most important things to keep in mind while you are dating is to fall in love, not in lust. When you love someone you display the fruit of the Spirit. Love brings self control. When you are in control, you can swallow your pride and you can make sacrifice. In this world it is not hard to fall astray into the dangers of lust. Be cautious in your feelings and make sure that you are falling in love, not in lust. Love is what God gives and love is what you want. While dating, allow the Holy Spirit to direct and lead you. Examine the way you feel and the reason that you are seeking love. What are your motives? Are you really seeking genuine affection or do you want power, control, or to gratify your own ego? It is essential to know your own motives. Understand that you don’t go into a relationship to make yourself whole. Prior to dating, you should already be whole. Do not look for someone to save you. You should already be saved in Christ and you should be ready to join someone for genuine love.


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For most people, they have this impression that it is impossible for folks of age 50 and above to find their ideal partner. However, this has been proven wrong with the dating for seniors platform. This is a place where older men and women alike can discover partners suitable to spend their lives with. People who are seeking companionship and love in their few years left. The truth is regardless of age, nobody enjoys being lonely, but want to enjoy the warmth of having someone beside them.


With today’s media obsession with youths and their appearances, you can be easily made to think that dating and search for companionship is only meant for the young people. Well, if you must know, the tides are completely changed. Lots of adults over 50 years are found single – some through divorce and others through a tragic loss. One would think that they shouldn’t be thinking of having any relationship again at such an age, but that’s not the case anymore.


Dating for Senior Mobile App


With its mobile senior dating app, it makes the whole process easy for those who are constantly glued to their smartphones. Whether it’s the web version or the app, you are sue access to all its features. The dating for seniors features an amazing interface – it is very intuitive, simple and effective. Whether or not you are an internet savvy, you can easily find your way around the app. Dating for senior aims at encouraging the aged, despite their age, to find a suitable friend and companion. These are real life people with the intention of finding partners that they can be able to connect with. People that are of the same age group and probably possessing similar values.


What to Expect from this Mobile App for Seniors


Out there are numerous site and apps that offer dating service, including those for the aged. Over the years, senior app have always proven to be unique and different in their service which is what gives them an edge in the industry. Here’s what to expect with this best apps for seniorsewrite.


# Only for the matured

Dating for seniors is only aimed at providing a dating platform restricted to just the aged, of about 50 years and above. People below such age are not permitted to join. This way, only matured folks register as members and are able to interact with others of their kind.

# Free membership

It’s no news that lots of senior dating sites usually charge you too much and offer too little – definite not dating for seniors. Our Seniors site will give you just what you want. Unlike most of the various available senior dating sites, dating for seniors features a free membership. You are free to register, set up your profile as long as you are of the required age range which is above 50. This way you can be sure that we are not after your money but just want to help you.



# Access to countless of seniors

On dating for seniors app, you are sure to find lots of people to make your choice of a partner around. Unlike other sites that claim to have a huge member database but most of them being inactive, with us it is different. Our members are always active; this way you are sure of finding the type of person you are looking for and you can never be wrong with whatever your choice of a partner is.


# Dating Ideas

This app also offers lots of ideas that are exclusively for senior people. You can have access to resources and information to help you with your search of a companion and friend. This is especially useful for those with no online experience. This information will help you a lot in making your choice of an ideal partner.


# Counselling

At dating for seniors, we recognise that as a senior, you might not be knowledgeable as to how to go about the whole date-search process. We are always available for. We are always available for you all through the way and give you the needed assistance you may require.


# Customer service / support

Our team of customer support personnel are dedicated to your success in finding your ideal match of partner, and as such are available 24/7. You can connect via phone call or through sending message.



No fake profiles

We have a system that is constantly on the act of preventing fraud and scammers – keeping them at bay. We ensure to monitor all profiles that register on the site. This way you can be rest assured that the right kinds of people are who you will find; and not people who will want to extort money from you.




With dating with seniors you can be guaranteed that your personal details are going to be safe and not exposed to any third party viewing. You can be rest assured that your private information are kept private.


Gone are the days when older people get ashamed or embarrassed about seeking for dates, especially online. Most of the members on our database are open minded people, as well as educated and there are records of thousands of conversations on a daily basis. One thing you be sure of with dating for seniors is that this is a trusted dating platform for men and women who are over 50 years of age and we are constantly working on improving our service just for you. We are on the search for new ideas on how to be of service to you.


With dating for seniors, you can be sure that only real single seniors are featured and these people are seeking friends for dating and possibly settling down with as partners for life. This is not a site for people coming to play games with others, but for senior Single men and women who are looking for other Senior singles online. Dating for seniors is founded on core values like honesty, openness and you are sure of having fun all through the way.


How To Create An Awesome Dating Profile


You already know that you’re a woman who’s cute, smart, and fun to spend a lot of time with; however, for some reason, not many people seem to be responding to your dating profile. The most likely reason for this is the fact that you’re making some very common mistakes with your profile itself. Here are some great methods to make note of in order to create an awesome dating profile that will draw more attention from other men.



When coming up with a creative username, try to make up some kind of a clever word or bring together two of your favorite hobbies and descriptive words. The one thing that you will want to avoid doing is creating a username that appears to be overly seductive, which will only cause a man to think that all you’re looking for is a one-night stand. Not to mention that that particular kind of username will only end up bringing unwanted attention your way. Additionally, try to avoid using numbers in your username, as this will only make it sound completely silly. Furthermore, never include your real name anywhere in your username for safety reasons.


“About Me” Section

Always try to keep this particular section of your dating profile as short as you possibly can. Generally, this section should be no more than three paragraphs long. The whole idea is to make a man want to message you wanting more information about who you are and what you’re about. Furthermore, you should also avoid using any kind of generic descriptions about yourself – men will typically notice this kind of thing right away and will more than likely move right over your profile until they find one that interests them.


Describing Who You Want to Meet

Consider coming up with a list of approximately three to five different qualities that are the most important to you; however, leave out the qualities that are the most important in any kind of a relationship. Stick to more specific qualities such as athletic ability and someone who’s family-oriented. At the same time, however, you will want to make sure that you don’t list the qualities that you aren’t interested in, as this will cause men to think that you are closed-minded and still hung up on issues regarding past relationships.


Posting Photos

When posting your first main photo on your dating profile, use only a picture from the shoulders up. Generally, you will want to post a total of four to six photos, one of which should include an action shot as well as a full-body photo of yourself. One big piece of advice is to wear red if you are able to, as studies have shown that men are are attracted to women who wear this particular color. On the other hand, when posting photos, you should be the only one in them, so avoid posting anything that contains family members, friends, and even pets. These kinds of photos can confuse other men, and also even scare them off.


Dating Rules to Break


Some rules for dating are well outdated. There are new takes on rules for dating and some classic dating rules that can be broken.

The Man Paying

Traditionally men would pay for the date especially the first date. Many guys still want to pay for the first date and that is fine. After that the couple can go fifty-fifty. If the man still wants to pay there are some things the women can do. If he guys dinner she can be the drinks.

Wait to Contact Him

There are different ways to contact a man now. A phone call is appropriate after three dates. Do not instant message him online. It is hard to end the conversation especially when first getting to know someone. After two dates it is okay to friend someone on Facebook and wait to become a twitter follower until there have been a couple of dates.

No Sex on the First Date

Follow what the mind is saying and not the number of dates. If people do have sex early on in the relationship it does not mean they are more likely to break up as long as they are both looking for more than a friends with benefits situation.

Never Date a Coworkers

Now a person can date their coworkers at their own risk. People are spending more time at work and are getting close to the people that they work to. While it may be alright to date a coworker be prepare if things do not work out. Also check with company policy as some companies forbid this.

Live Together Before Marriage

As it turns out couples that live together before they are married are twice as likely to divorce. Couples that

Live Together Before Marriage

As it turns out couples that live together before they are married are twice as likely to divorce. Some people that are living together have no intentions of getting married. One person in the relationship can have false hope for marriage. Couples that wait until they are married to live together are more likely to stay tougher.

One at a Time

Unless a couple is looking for a relationship and wants to be exclusive there is no reason to turn down dates with others people. This will keep the pressure off of forming a relationship and keep expectation I check. While it is okay to date others experts do not recommend engage in sexual relationships with more than one person at a time. This can complicate things and the more partners a person has the bigger risk they are putting themselves at.

These are just some of the old dating rules that can be broken. They no longer apply to modern daters. These rules have also been modified to fit the way that people communicate and interact with each other. There is so much pressure on the dos and don’ts of dating. Instead of following the rules people should be focused on getting to know each other and having a good time on a date.


Match.com Headlines – Best Dating Site Profile Headlines


Ladies that are single are looking to mingle and they are using online dating sites as the place to meet that someone special. There are examples of headlines that will be able to get the attention of daters and allow a woman to enjoy the cyber dating scene.
If a woman is ready to increase the amount of response she is getting she needs to the headline on her profile. There are some great guys out there they are nothing more than click away. All a woman has to do is use the headline to get their attention. A great headline will get a of attention as well as responses from other daters. This is true for both free dating sites and those that offer a paid subscription. Here are some examples that are interesting and will inspire a woman to write her own headline without sounding silly or cheesy.
Elevator Pitch is a concept management term that is often used in the business world. For example if a salesperson is looking to meet with a purchase manager to sell a product they need to be able to get their attention. When entering the building to meet with the manager a person see their picture as they walk to the elevator. They are alone in the elevator with the top manager of the company and only have a small amount of time to make a good impression. Headlines work in a similar manner. A woman has to get the attention of men and create an impression that will last. The headline must be catchy and interesting. There are some examples that work well for woman. After reading them go back and take a look at the current headline on dating portfolio. The headline may need to be updated.
Example of Catchy Headlines
Lioness is looking for a keeper
Life is a zoo, come and get in my cage
I am writing a harmony of life, want to be my Muse?
Where are the baby boys out there?
Come and join me in my adventure known as life
Looking for brains and brawns
Let me shine some sun in your life
Great cook- I can spice up your life
Disneyland is not the only place where your dreams can come true
If you like the gutsy type I am the trouble you would like getting into
Lets make boredom become a thing in the past
I am addicted to this site, become my mate and help me quit
Have a seat and get comfortable as I introduce myself
Don’t hit on my profile, hit on me
Life is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, are you my 1%?
It being in love is a crime I am prepared for my time
Funny Headline Ideas for Women
Shopping for a great guy, and I was told no store existed
I believe in mythical creatures include griffins and good men, please correct me if I am wrong
U and I could become more than just vowels
Finding a good man can be compared to nailing Jello to a tree, I am desperate to nail the Jello
I you are not into coffee there are baseball games and movies
My soul mate is my property, guys who can commit apply
Waiting for my knight in jeans or tracks
You don’t need a broom to sweep me off my feet
Pickup lines don’t work with me
Are there more than wimpy me on this site?
Brassy lass looking for smart connection
You can be my lover or my future ex- you won’t know unless you give it a try
These are some examples that can be used by women. Make sure follow the basic rules, keep it short, follow dating guidelines, and avoid clichés. Readers want to read something original and creative. Creative headlines will lead to some interesting responses. The funnier the headline the more fun you will have. A headline is used to reel in some men.


Tips for Writing a Dating Profile for People Over 50


Tips for Writing a Dating Profile for Singles Over 50

There are many people looking to find love. As much as 59% of these people turn to the internet for help. There are some tips and tricks to setting up a good online dating portfolio.

Highlight Hobbies

People need to find a reason to message someone. A person should describe their hobbies so others can get a feel for their personality.

Stay Positive

Always speak in a positive manner. There are others besides daters that may be on this site. Friends ,family, and even employers can see this profile so do not be negative.

Update on a Regular Basis

Put in an effort to update the profile often. This will allow others to get more information about a person and see that they are still active. Put specific things that are happening in life in the profile. If a person enjoys traveling this is something they should include. If they like reading they can post information about some of the books they have read.

Use Proper English

When speaking with someone use good English including spelling and grammar. Check spelling and do not make mistakes. Shortening words such as cuz instead of because is also frowned upon. Speak in a positive way of others so they can see the dater in the best light possible. No one wants to be around someone who is negative and who will drag them down.

Do Selfies

Selfies have become a craze with many people but they should not be on dating websites. A selfie should stay on a social media site such as Facebook. Have someone else take a nice picture and use this on the dating site. A profile picture is the first thing others will see and is should get their attention. They should want to read the read of the profile. If a person is not comfortable with their body type then they could show a picture from the neck up. Even if a person is overweight they should post their picture anyway as this is normal.

Complete the Entire Profile

If a person does not have a complete profile on their dating site they should make sure that it is fully completed. Upload some nice pictures and include information such as name, age, hobbies, and interest. In order to get the attention of others make sure the profile is 100% completed. Other users may not want to read the entire profile if there are sections missing and anything that is left incomplete. A complete profile will give others something to talk about and they would want to message the user.

These are several things that can be taken to get the attention of other users. Online dating is a great way to meet new people and a potential partner. If a person is single and looking for a partner then a dating profile is a great place to begin to look for others. This will open doors to new opportunities and there may be someone waiting out there.